Medical Missions


CoMedical is honored to help Pacific Northwest Clinicians participate in global missions. Throughout the year CoMedical is asked to donate products for medical missions around the world. Our employees are proud to make a difference by providing solutions which help healthcare professionals and their patients in the Western United States and abroad.

CoMedical has participated in missions located in Vietnam, Haiti, Nicaragua and Guatemala.

Nicaragua Mission
St. Joseph Hospital Physician

Product Provided

  • Pajunk Medical Systems Block Cannulas
  • Nerve Stimulators
  • Parker Medical
  • Endotracheal Tubes
  • AirQ ILA Devices
  • Oridion Capnography Monitor

Dear CoMedical,

A big thanks to CoMedical in providing block needles, nerve stimulators, endotracheal tubes, AirQ ILA devices of various sizes, as well as a capnograph for our educational training mission to Managua, Nicaragua. The Anesthesia Residents and attendees were incredibly grateful for the donations of equipment and supplies as many of these are completely unavailable to them in their daily practice.

Thank again,
St. Joseph Hospital Anesthesiologist

Haiti Mission
Harborview Medical Center and Seattle Childrens Medical Center

Product Provided

  • PALL Filter
  • Airtraq



Dear CoMedical,

The supplies you sent were all put to very good use in Haiti, and very much appreciated. All of the patients in these photos had a surgical procedure, and none of them was exposed to TB or any other illnesses as we were able to use a new PALL filter on each patient thanks to you and Co Medical.

Thanks again,
Medical Clinician

Vietnam Mission
University of Washington Physician

Product Provided

  • Axiom Facial Drains




CoMedical Staff,

Just a short note of thanks to you for the drains. The Vietnamese doctors are so grateful and appreciative, I just can't tell you enough how much so. It is hot and humid, the food is wonderful and the patients are so happy to have the American team here to help with their surgeries. Today, we did a 12 year old cleft palate, a 17 year old mandible and a 21 year old leforte and mandible. They all did wonderfully.

Thanks again,
A UW Clinician