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CoMedical represents products for different surgical specialties. We introduced several new innovative products for laparoscopic surgery, vascular surgery and minimally invasive surgery. We will continue to seek out new innovative solutions for treatment of the surgical patient.

CoMedical has introduced various infusion systems and products for chronic and acute pain management. We represented Advanced Neuromodulation Systems, currently St. Jude Medical for nine years. During this period, ANS's acute pain management system was developed from 0% market share to one of their best penetrated markets. For ten years CoMedical worked with Augustine Medical and introduced the Bair Hugger Temperature Management System preventing hypothermia in surgical patients with the use of forced air warming. This concept led to the improvement in post surgical patient recovery. We will continue to support the anesthesia provider with future solutions.

Respiratory Therapy
The Respiratory Therapy Team supplies different solutions for intubation and airway management. We introduced Oridion Capnography to the NW a few years ago and we have helped support the addition of Microstream Capnography. This technology has enabled clinicians to improve the safety of Procedural Sedation. We continue to look for opportunities to help address the challenges faced in Respiratory Therapy.

Critical Care
For years we have provided solutions for the ICU whether that be for the Burn ICU, Cardiac ICU, or Neuro ICU. We have pioneered innovations in hemo dynamic monitoring, drug delivery, wound drainage, enteral delivery and patient transport. Intensive care units are technologically advanced and we are involved with the infection control and patient vital sign monitoring aspects. As the acuity of the hospital patient increases we are seeing solutions to an ever increasing demand.

Neonatal Intensive Care
CoMedical is focused on innovative solutions for premature infants. Our Sales Associates work closely with nurses, nurse practioners, neonatologists and clinical nurse specialists on products for enteral feeding, systems, IV access and neonatal care.

Infusion Therapy
CoMedical introduced the first volumetric IV controller. We introduced several ambulatory infusion devices as well as pole mounted pumps for the hospital and alternate site markets. We have represented Valley Labs, Pancretec, Sabratek and AutoSyringe. We introduced the Groshong catheter and its revolutionary valve technology. CoMedical is responsible for the introduction of innovation in implantable ports, PICC lines, dialysis catheters and needleless systems. We are a leader in the introduction of a wide variety of safety products which include the first sharps container, safety syringes, safety huber needles, and safety blood collection needles.

Interventional Cardiology
As the number of procedures performed on the heart by catheterization increases CoMedical looks for complimentary products to help with genetic testing to achieve optimal dosing of critical medications and Clopidogrel absorbency. CoMedical looks for products to assist with Angioplasty, Valvuloplasty, congenital heart defect correction, coronary thrombectomy and cardiac ablation procedures.

Interventional Radiology
CoMedical was involved in some of the first placements of vascular access devices in Interventional Radiology. We currently sell a number of products related to Interventional Radiology biopsy products, tumor ablation, vertebroplasty and peripherally inserted central line catheters.

Many Pacific Northwest hospitals are using Chemo Safety Systems provided by CoMedical and its manufactures. Oncology is a growing medical market and CoMedical offers solutions for infusion delivery, pump monitoring, and pharmaceutical preparation. We provide a number of IV access and IV admin products. CoMedical offers systems for the safe preparation, reconstitution & administration of chemo drugs.

CoMedical has a long history of selling products in this market. We represent disposable products used in the kidney center as well as vascular access devices for the dialysis patient. CoMedical introduced the first high flow dialysis catheter significantly improving the effectiveness of patient dialysis. CoMedical has supported a bovine graft which offers significant advantages to dialysis patients needing this type of modality.

Women's Health Care
CoMedical first entered this market in 1983 with the introduction of the Ackrad HS catheter, a system that allowed an x-ray examination and later ultrasound examination of the female anatomy. Women's healthcare is an important focus for CoMedical. It is our goal to continue to provide advanced diagnostic tests as well as treatment solutions.

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