Solutions not products

Letter from the Founder


Thank you for your interest in CoMedical and taking the time to visit our website. This website was designed to better familiarize you with our company. We want to introduce you to the CoMedical team and give you an idea of our journey and business philosophy.

CoMedical was created in 1980. My purpose was to establish a sales organization that would focus on the small manufacturer, the one creating the majority of innovative products.

Having spent fourteen years of my career working for two multinational distributor/manufacturers, the needs were obvious. Clinicians were looking for innovative products that they could use to improve patient care and a company that would introduce them to this technology as well as instruct them in its use.

In 1968 I went to work for American Hospital Supply, the premier company in the health care industry at that time. American had a simple mission, "Growth Through Service". American set the example of taking care of the customers needs and did it better than their competition. In the beginning, they introduced innovation through the small manufacturer. They later changed their focus and became more focused on private label products, which left the innovative manufacturers few options.

Being a pioneer for new products has allowed us to introduce new technology bringing solutions to the healthcare professional and impacting patient care. CoMedical introduced MedSafe's sharps container which changed the way sharps were managed inside the hospitals; Protocol System's Propaq Monitor offering the first full function transport monitor; Catheter Technology's Groshong catheter introducing valved technology to vascular access devices; Pancretec's and Sabratek's ambulatory infusion pump; Augustine Medicals patient warming systems; Advanced Neuromodulation System's spinal cord stimulation device; Datascope's Anestar anesthesia machine; GfE's TiMESH, Titanized soft tissue reinforcement implant for hernia repair; IMS's FirstTemp tympanic thermometer; Catheter Innovation's PASV technology the second generation of valved vascular access devices.

The pioneering of new technology takes commitment of time and resources. We have always had high expectations for what we feel we need to deliver to our customers and the manufacturers we represent. We are committed to finding ways to improve our performance. We recently invested in the construction of a training facility for our customers and employees that we call our "Knowledge Center". The center is equipped with the latest in computer, audio/visual and information technology to aid in the training of our sales associates to provide them with the knowledge they need to bring value to our customers.

As we move ahead, CoMedical will continue to build on what we started in 1980 to meet the ever evolving healthcare environment. As we mature, the saying "the more things change the more they stay the same" takes on a whole new meaning. As things change, our commitment to the needs of the patient and the healthcare professional will remain the same.