Solutions not products


The purpose of CoMedical is to furnish superior products and service to our customers -- those healthcare professionals who are responsible for patient care. Our mission is to improve patient care by providing solutions through our products to the healthcare professional. Our market is the health care industry, which is innovative and ever changing. For us to fulfill our mission, we must remain a leader in representing innovative products as well as an agent for positive change in the healthcare industry.
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Technical Advancements

MedSafe Sharps Container;Protocol System Propaq Patient Monitor;Cath Tech Groshong Valved Catheter; Pancretec and Sabratek's AmbulatoryInfusion Pumps;Augustine Medical Patient Warming System;Advanced Neuromodulation Systems Spinal CordStimulation System;Datascope Anestar Anesthesia Delivery System;GfE TiMESH; IMS FirstTemp Tympanic Thermometer;Catheter Innovation PASV Valved Technology.